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Initial consultation

Your programme will begin with an appointment with a nutritional therapist, during which time a full case history will be taken. Biochemical tests will also be discussed (for more information on tests please see the tests page). Not everybody has tests and you can decide on the day whether you would like to go ahead with any that the nutritional therapist has recommended. 

A one hour appointment with one of our psychiatrists may be required prior to the initial appointment with the nutritional therapist. We will advise you about this when we receive your completed Patient Information Form

Skype consultations

We offer worldwide Skype consultations for those people living outside of the UK or who cannot attend the clinic in person. It is however preferable to have an initial consultation face to face, therefore, before choosing a Skype appointment you should consider if there are any other local practitioners who may be able to help, or other travel arrangements that you can make to attend the clinic. If you cannot find one and cannot travel to London then we can hold a Skype consultation with you.

If testing cannot be done locally then we can arrange to send the test kits to you and you can post the completed kits back direct to the laboratory in London.

In order to make a Skype appointment please complete the questionnaire, ticking the box to indicate that you require a Skype appointment and then return it to the clinic via email, fax or post. We will then be in touch to arrange a convenient appointment time.

For more information on how to make an appointment click here.

Follow-up appointments

Your first follow up appointment will be roughly six weeks after your initial consultation, or when your complete set of test results are back if you have chosen to undertake biochemical testing. This appointment will be for one hour during which time your test results will be explained and dietary and supplement recommendations made. Further follow-up appointments with the nutritional therapist are generally for half an hour until you reach a maintenance stage within your programme.

Skype appointments are also available (if appropriate). Please see the Skype page for more information.

For information on costs please click here.

Caudwell Children

The Brain Bio Centre clinic works closely with the charity Caudwell Children to provide support for those in need. If you are interested in further advice and information on grants and funding please contact Caudwell Children here or call them directly on 0345 300 1348.