food for the brain

Championing optimum nutrition for the mind

The Board

DavidProfessor David Russell
Non-executive Director is highly experienced in all aspects of the catering industry and has a keen interest in nutrition. He is Professor of Hospitality & Tourism at Thames Valley University and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Maro Limnios Maro Limnios
LL.B Hons solicitor, DipION is a lawyer and a nutritional therapist, with considerable business experience, primarily as a legal advisor in the shipping industry.


Patrick Patrick Holford
BSc, DipION, founded the Brain Bio Centre in 2003 and went on to found the parent charity Food for the Brain in 2005. Patrick trained in psychology in the 1970s and went on to specialise in the nutritional treatment of mental health problems. He became a student of Dr Carl Pfeiffer in Princeton, and Dr Abram Hoffer, former psychiatric research director in Canada.