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Three in four people in Britain frequently feel stressed, and two in three experience regular anxiety and tension, according to the 100% Health survey of 51,000 people. A study by the mental health charity Mind also found that one in five working people now take time off for stress.

But while stress is an unavoidable part of modern life, it is possible to build greater resilience to life’s pressures. At the Brain Bio Centre clinic, Susannah Lawson – HeartMath® practitioner, nutritional therapist and co-author of The Stress Cure – can work with you to identify any biochemical imbalances that cause physical stresses and deplete your energy and ability to cope effectively. Using the scientifically-validated HeartMath® system, Susannah can also teach you simple techniques to help you change negative patterning and reactions and instead adopt more positive ways to respond to challenging situations.

Alongside a tailor-made nutritional therapy programme from one of our specialist nutritional therapists you will have the tools and nutrition guidance to learn a new approach to help you thrive, rather than merely survive, in today’s challenging and fast-changing world.


"I was exhausted and finding life very difficult when I first saw Susannah. She helped me clean up my diet, kick stimulants and get my energy back. She has also taught me HeartMath® techniques which have enabled me to remain calm and focused during situations which I would have previously found really stressful. Using these techniques has also helped me sleep better, make better decisions and enjoy greater positivity in my life.”

RH, Sussex


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