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Going to see a Nutritional Therapist is not always the first and obvious place to seek advice and help for mental health concerns. It is quite often a last resort, after many years of suffering. However, for those who have found themselves at the Brain Bio Centre and followed the advice that they have been given, this is what they have to say...




"The help and advice offered at the Brain Bio Centre has made a huge difference, both to my physical and mental health.

I have lost just over 3 stone in 6 months. I am back playing tennis again, and am able to play a challenging game at a decent level with players at my local club, which I have joined. This leads to respect from my peers, which increases my own sense of self respect, and of being socially 'OK' at the club where we have a shared interest. Hopefully I can begin to take this confidence, however tentatively at first, into other social situations, including my music."

Jan 2016


“I cannot believe how much better I feel after such a short time on the programme. I feel 500% better than when I started 3 ½ months ago. The blood tests showed up food intolerances and vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which allowed the correct actions to be taken and when the results were explained it made complete sense. I am so glad I chose to go to the Brain Bio Centre.

I had suffered from depression for several years but didn’t want to go on antidepressants for fear of addiction, and since being on the supplement programme and cutting out the foods I am intolerant to, the depression has lifted. I am no longer so anxious and the dizziness I had on rising from prone position has also gone. I am sleeping much better and my digestive problems have cleared (as long as I don’t eat something I’m intolerant to).

I am so grateful to Lorraine, my nutritionist, who has enabled me to move on in my life. It was worth every penny”.

DD, Leeds

"For many years I was convinced that my brain chemicals were partly contributing to my depression and low energy. Doctors told me it was not possible to check brain levels and confirm or refute this theory. My visit to the Brain Bio Centre not only gave practical advice and solutions, but boosted my self-confidence to know my symptoms were not just due to my emotional weakness and gave me the tools to positively affect my health."


PM, Surrey




“My son Jonathan (7) has Asperger's syndrome. In only two weeks since following your advice there has been a significant improvement in his eye contact. Add to that, he is now able to tie his shoe laces and is being far more co-operative in general! I am really excited at the changes we have seen already and am looking forward to further improvements! Thank you for showing us the way forward!”

AY, Dumbarton



"The Brain Bio Centre has made a huge difference to Dylan’s wellbeing. She is less anxious, more alert and happier. She is less prone to illness and when she does become unwell, she recovers more quickly. It was so refreshing to hear that something could be done to help Dylan despite an underlying genetic flaw.

At present there is no cure for Rett Syndrome but by addressing it nutritionally and with targeted supplementation, we can impact some of its symptoms and hold others at bay. For this reason, we have recommended the Brain Bio Centre to several other parents who have a daughter with Rett Syndrome." 

For more information about Dylan and why Rett Syndrome has the potential to be cured, please visit www.curefordylan.com.

Marc Souter (father to Dylan), Surrey 



"Lorraine, at the Brain Bio Centre, helped me find some effective solutions to my lethargy and frequent lack of energy, which I had been struggling with for decades."

MC, Wimbledon


"I want to thank the Brain Bio Centre for the expert identification of the root cause of my digestive and energy issues and their effective dietary and supplement program which over time has brought me back to full health and energy - well done all."

CT, Ireland 




"I would like to thank you Bio Brain Centre for the help we have got for our son Erdi. It has been 4 weeks since we have received Erdi’s test results and advice we got from the Bio Brain Centre we have been following. Erdi has speech delay and many other development problems which he is showing adhd symptoms. Since we have been following Bio Brain Centre advice, Erdi has shown great progress within 4 weeks. His main progress is good night sleep without waking up. No constipation at all, he is very calm and is able to express himself more. New Words are coming everyday and he is able to sit and focus longer than before. He is able to stay in nursery and cooperate with staff more. There is still long journey to progress more but so far within 4 weeks he has shown good progress. I would recommend anyone Bio Brain Centre.

DK, London


“I had been extremely worried about my son's behavioural and learning problems. He was hyperactive and could not concentrate at school. I cannot believe the difference: truthfully it is like a miracle. He is a great deal calmer and finds it easier to sleep and also to pay attention in class. His handwriting is much improved and he has even gone up a whole year's reading age in a matter of weeks!”

JD, London



“After being admitted into hospital with mania (having been prescribed the anti-depressant Seroxat), I was diagnosed with manic depression and given a variety of drugs including haloperidol, depixol and lithium. I then followed the optimum nutrition approach. For the past three years my mood has been stable, and my chronic depression since childhood has gone. I don’t need any drugs, except a low dose of lithium (and that is being reduced). I supplement niacin and fish oil every day and follow a low sugar and gluten-free diet, and have just started practising as a nutrition consultant."

IC, Gloucester



“After the birth of my daughter, I became acutely depressed, I was like a zombie, I couldn’t even function, I couldn’t look after myself or my baby and I was hospitalised. The medication was keeping me steady, but I still wasn’t really functioning. There was a lot going on and I crashed – I had a breakdown. A friend of mine suggested I try nutrition and I went to see Lorraine Perretta, of the Brain Bio Centre. Within two weeks of changing my diet, eating more oily fish, cutting down on tea and coffee, and taking the supplements I improved dramatically. My husband says I’m now the person he married. I feel myself once again. My daughter also says she’s got her mother back and I have regained my confidence."

DR, Surrey



“After a “bad trip” when I was a teenager I developed paranoia, anxiety and depression. Things got worse and over the next ten years I took 3 overdoses. I have been diagnosed with social phobia, depression and paranoid schizophrenia and have been prescribed a range of anti-depressants (Velalfaxine) and anti-psychotic medications (Olanzapine and Stelazine). Even when I was on my medications I still felt paranoid and experienced a really bad anxiety. I was skeptical that a nutritional approach would be able to help me. However, I was desperate and so I visited the Brain Bio Centre. I was found to have imbalanced neurotransmitters and food allergies. I started the nutritional program given to me by the nutritionist and quite frankly I was amazed at the results.My nutritional program has lowered my anxiety levels: for the first time in about 8 years I am able to go out by myself. I feel much more emotionally stable and much calmer. I have stayed out of hospital and I am gradually getting better and better. For the first time I am starting to consider the possibility of getting a job!”

MP, London



"As a teenager I smoked quite a lot of cannabis. I was diagnosed with drug induced psychosis. I was very paranoid and started hearing voices and became increasingly depressed and had a breakdown. I went to the Brain Bio Centre. After [a few weeks] the vitamins started to work and the paranoia started to lift. The voices stopped and I had more energy: I didn’t need to sleep all day. My memory and concentration started to improve. Now, I’ve learnt that when I come off the diet I get worse. I seem to be particularly sensitive to chemical additives and colourings and egg. I also on a gluten free, yeast free and dairy free diet and feel much better for it. Also, when I take the vitamins I feel much better. The nutrition programme has improved my life by 70%: I can go out by myself, I can drive, I can cope with stress much better. In the last month I’ve felt strong enough to quit smoking. I used to smoke 30 a day and haven’t had one for a month. I’m back to 13 stone, I’m looking healthier and have a much greater quality of life. If it hadn’t been for the nutritional programme I think by now I would have either been in hospital, or locked up. I’m deeply grateful to the people at the Brain Bio Centre”

SC, Kent



“I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2003 and had many unpleasant side effects from the medication. Tests revealed I had low omega 3, zinc and magnesium and that the neurotransmitters histamine and noradrenalin were also low. Since taking part in the nutrition programme at the Brain Bio Centre, addressing biochemical imbalances and taking daily supplements, my health has improved immensely and I have been discharged by my psychiatrist. Great results from a very professionally run organisation. I have found everyone to be very helpful”

MR, London


"Brain Bio Centre helped me to tackle more strongly my illness. They give me an effective programme specialized in mental health. Since I began my treatment of Brain Bio Centre I am balanced and have not had any more psychotic episodes. In my opinion it is so important to give voice to this alternative treatments that, of course, do not replace but they do complement. I work and study and the fight of being "normal" is more possible thanks to Brain Bio Centre. It is a worthy work." 




"I have suffered with Panic Attacks and anxiety for the past 10 years. In this time I have read everything on the subject and seen many specialists.Whilst I could identify with the symptoms of panic I could not identify with the causes as I had no 'triggers' and did not portray standard avoidance techniques. The whole experience has been extremely arduous and discouraging, it was only when I went to see a therapist from 'Human Givens' that we finaly came to the realisation that my hormones had a massive role to play in this disorder. She gave me Patrick's book on controlling hormones which I read avidly. I have been taking supplements since this time and although not cured I am a lot better than I ever was. You have been a lifeline, I am just so angry that it has taken me so long to get here despite being in contact with many professionals in the field. It has been a long and often lonely journey but I feel I now have the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm not the nutty woman I began to think I was."

AF, Chorley

A READER OF The New Optimum Nutrition for the Mind


"I was once medically boarded for my disabilities with paranoid schizophrenia and later even developed an associated condition termed Metabolic Syndrome, a combination of diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, yet today very few would recognise the same person who was medically boarded for such a debilitating illness.I started to take control and manage my illness myself, I became informed and built on small successes with the aid of psychology, medications and professional advice, which included dieticians and with great success I also used the wisdom of Patrick Holford and other frontrunners in the idea of nutrition.I currently follow Patrick Holford’s works “Optimum Nutrition for the Mind” and “Food is better Medicine than Drugs” which was referred to me by a senior social worker who specialised in psychiatric care and who knows my great success. With the aid of proper nutrition I can currently perform demanding work with much zeal and energy that leaves most mental health care workers amazed, and it provides much changed perceptions of the once set opinions about schizophrenia.I currently supplement with a multi-vitamin, high levels of Omega 3 (DHA) (as advised by Professor and Psychiatrist Robin Emsley who is the leading researcher in this field in South Africa), and also B-3, B-12, Vitamin C and extra Vitamin E as recommended by Holford.I am currently the Guateng psychiatric service user representative for the South African Federation for Mental Health and sit on many other boards of mental health societies. I also write some extensive articles in this field of which some are even published on the World Federation for Mental Health’s website."

CJ, South Africa (February 2007)


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