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Championing optimum nutrition for the mind

The Clinic

The Brain Bio Centre is a mental health clinic based in London. Our clinic specialises in the 'optimum nutrition' approach to mental well being. Our team can work with you to identify any nutritional or biochemical imbalances, which may be contributing to your symptoms. We believe in an integrative approach to mental health and wellbeing, and if necessary we have a psychiatrist on our team, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive mental health service. Through means of consultation and testing we identify biochemical and physiological imbalances and through the creation of a tailor made plan we will then suggest foods and possibly supplements that we feel may help to restore balance.

As well as having positive effects on your mental health issue, the changes we recommend may also have a significant effect on lifestyle factors such as better sleep, increased energy levels and weight loss.


Hear what others have to say about how the Brain Bio Centre helped them improve their mental wellbeing.

Going to see a Nutritional Therapist is not always the first and obvious place to seek advice and help for mental health concerns. It is quite often a last resort, after many years of suffering. However, for those who have found themselves at the Brain Bio Centre and followed the advice that they have been given, this is what they have to say...

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