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It is common to think of youth as a time of learning and old age as a time of mental decline. But this is not how the brain works; it is capable of continuously learning and adapting throughout life – so long as it is looked after.

We are used to being bombarded with information about how to look after our hearts, how often we should exercise, what we should do to protect our bones, but how many of us take the opportunity to look after our brain? With workplace pressure on the increase and an ever-growing tide of information hitting us hourly, stress, a less than ideal diet and poor sleep can have a hugely negative impact on the brain. The problem is, by the time any serious symptoms begin to appear it may be too late, or very difficult, to do anything about it.

So act now to maximise your mental health and performance throughout your life.

Nutrition is one of the keys to wellbeing of mind and mood; at the Brain Bio Centre we will identify any biochemical or physiological imbalances that may be affecting your performance and how you feel. We will then use this information to create a tailor-made plan to improve your mood and emotional stability, sharpen your memory and keep you in tip-top mental health, whatever your age.


“My stomach never felt 100% settled and I often had a blocked nose and a ‘foggy’ brain.  After following the advice from the Brain Bio Centre these symptoms have ALL gone and I feel great!” 


“I noticed that I had started to feel a bit anxious just going about my daily routine.  I wanted to nip it in the bud quickly so I visited the Brain Bio Centre.  After a couple of minor adjustments to my diet and starting a small supplement programme I am back to enjoying my gym sessions and no longer feel anxious about leaving the house.” 

IK, Middle East


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