food for the brain

Championing optimum nutrition for the mind

About Food for the Brain accreditation

Good nutrition plays a crucial role in boosting memory, energy levels and concentration as well as reducing incidence of sickness. Educational institutions and businesses alike are recognising the need to make nutritious meals and snacks available and are discovering the competitive edge this can provide.

Income can be protected by meeting growing customer needs, while staff and students benefit from performance improvements leading to increased productivity.

Accreditation is achieved by, first of all, undertaking a nutritional audit to assess existing catering performance, focusing on (amongst other things) menu balance and nutrient value; ingredient selection; preparation methods; suitability for special diets. The Nutritional Audit Report provides advice and information on how to make the required improvements in a commercial market, based on your own budget and team capabilities.

Support is also available to implement these changes, as required. For example, Menu Design Service, Staff Training Workshops, Menu classification System.

Follow-up assessments record changes and improvements made and monitor progress on an ongoing basis. Successful assessment leads to Food for the Brain Accreditation.

Results following this process tend to be extremely impressive, as catering teams approach the changes very enthusiastically, often conducting their own in-house staff training to ensure a menu and food policy that meets the nutritional needs of staff, customers and students alike.