Plan B: Positive action on Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s isn’t simply a natural consequence of ageing. Only 1% is caused by genes. And it isn’t an infection. It is a true disease; which means we can identify the causes and develop treatments and prevention.

About Plan B

Rather than simply wait for Alzheimer’s to run its course, dealing as best we can to manage the situation, we believe in taking positive action. We call it our Plan B.

Research has shown that B Vitamins can play a significant role in the prevention of Alzheimer’s, and in arresting its progress. Our aim is to bring B-vitamin based therapies into the heart of mainstream health strategy on Alzheimer’s. For that to happen, and in order to bring effective therapies one step closer, we need more investment in vital research. That’s why we’re taking our message to the general public, policy makers and health practitioners. And it’s why we urgently need your support to help us deliver our plan B.

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