Retrieving past test scores

With our NEW Cognitive Function Test past test scores are held in your account. To access these please log into your account here.

Comparing Your Annual Retest Score with Your Previous CFT Score

The Cognitive Function Test is a screening test only therefore any green result is a good result.  Hence you should not compare scores from last year's Cognitive Function Test to this year's as only the colour is relevant. 

If you received a red or amber result this may indicate lowered cognitive function, however it may also be the result of a number of other factors.  It is therefore important to see your GP to be tested in a more controlled environment.

If your most recent CFT result is very different from your previous CFT result please consider the factors that may have influenced your test, in particular basic elements such as internet connection speed and screen size. If you are concerned please contact your GP and, as ever, follow the 6 Alzheimer’s prevention steps.