Tea Party


Organise a Food for the Brain Tea Party to Raise Funds for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

Organise a Food for the Brain themed tea party to help us raise funds to generate awareness of the importance of nutrition in mental health and well-being. Your help will directly enable us to reach more people tackling debilitating mental health conditions. Help people get the support that they need to improve their nutrition and take back better control over their own mental health.

We are encouraging Tea Parties to be organised during or close to Mental Health Awareness Week (May 14th-20th 2018). The theme of this week organised by the Mental Health Foundation is this year about ‘Surviving or Thriving’ based on promoting the concept that we should not just be aiming to survive but should all instead be aiming for thriving mental health.

We believe nutrition and lifestyle are fundamental to ‘thriving’ over ‘surviving’ and by hosting a Tea Party you are helping show how it is possible to have healthier treats and snacks rather than sugar laden goodies, and how these types of foods can positively affect our mood and minds. If you can't do that week, please do a time that works for you - tea parties can work well at anytime of year.

With an estimated one in four people in the world affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives, the more help we can all provide in preventing and tackling these conditions, the better. It is now a fact that mental health disorders are among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide, so it’s safe to say that our mental wellbeing is something we could all be prioritising and generating awareness about.


Click below to download your Food for the Brain Tea Party resource pack, which has instructions on how to take part and healthy recipes for your guests! 


Food for the Brain Tea Party Resource Pack