Why donate?

Food for the Brain is a not-for-profit charity devoted to promoting awareness of the links between learning, behaviour, mental health and nutrition and to lead systems-based research into this link.  To educate children, parents teachers, universities, the public, health professionals, caterers and the government about the powers of optimum nutrition in improving our mental health.

We do not receive any public funding for our work – our vital and cutting edge schools and research projects are only possible thanks to the generous support of our Friends, donors and corporate partners.  We have to raise every penny that funds our work to ensure that as many people as possible can access information to make informed decisions to improve the health of themselves and their loved ones.

Where your money goes

£50 would cover the cost of including one more patient in our schizophrenia research project.

£250 would enable 5 patients to benefit from inclusion in one of our research projects.

£5000 would cover one tenth of one of our research projects.

£50,000 would enable us to run a 3 year MSc research project. We are currently raising funds for our research project - managing schizophrenia through optimum nutrition which is in process, then depression to start in 2013, followed by ADHD, autism or dementia/Alzheimer's.

£70,000 would allow us to deliver our future planned research projects into all of the above areas.

Our current projects

1. Schizophrenia Research Project (Needs a further £18,000)

Schizophrenia is a severe and debilitating mental illness affecting one in a hundred people in Britain, usually starting in adolescence. Few people know that ‘optimum nutrition’ can make a big difference.

Thanks to your donations and fundraising efforts we have completed ‘Phase 1’ of our schizophrenia project, which funded a comprehensive review of all the evidence regarding nutritional interventions that work. This was published earlier this year in the Nutrition Journal.

We now need to implement ‘Phase 2’ which includes testing the effects of these nutrition interventions. To do this it is necessary to run a clinical audit of schizophrenia patients treated at our Brain Bio Centre clinic and track their progress. We need £24,000 to complete this and have raised nearly £6,000 to date. We require a further £18,000 to carry out this important research.

2. Alzheimer's Research Project (Needs a further £42,700)

Over 200,000 people have completed our Cognitive Function Test, which screens those people ‘at risk’ of developing Alzheimer’s. The good news is that Alzheimer’s is a preventable disease if you do the right things. Next year, thanks to your donations, we launch an upgraded version of the test that can be done on tablets and also gives a personalized prevention action plan focusing on those elements that help to reduce risk.

But we need to prove that making these changes really does stop or delay cognitive decline. By tracking people’s cognitive function and their variations in prevention risk factors we can do this. We also hope to learn how best to encourage positive prevention changes by e-based educational activities, with an aim to create a model that governments and health care providers can use to reach millions of people. That’s our next ‘Plan B’ project. That’s our next ‘Plan B’ project. This project will take three years. We need £59,700 to complete this aim and have so far raised £17,000; a further £42,700 is needed to continue our endeavours. Read our case for support document for more information. 

Future research projects (Needs £20,000 per annum)

Similar to the Schizophrenia project Food for the Brain aims to fund MSc studentships to conduct comprehensive reviews of the existing scientific literature for the major mental health conditions, develop a treatment protocol and test its efficacy in an open label study at the Brain Bio Centre clinic. 

All monies raised goes towards running these projects and any donation is gratefully received.