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The Stress Clinic at the Brain Bio Centre specialises in helping clients build greater resilience to stress using nutritional therapy and teaching the scientifically-validated HeartMath® techniques. The best way to learn the techniques is from a qualified practitioner, and we can provide one-to-one coaching at the Brain Bio Centre with stress expert and co-author of The Stress Cure, Susannah Lawson.

Consultations can offer both nutritional therapy and learning the HeartMath® technique, or one or the other individually. For more information please contact the clinic here or call us on 020 8332 9600.


Other ways to cope with stress:

Rapid relaxation techniques:

There are many means to induce relaxation, these include, amongst others, yoga, Mindfulness and meditation. Not only will these types of activities improve mood, they also help to support us biochemically to reduce the symptoms associated with feelings of stress. However, it is important to work out which of these works best for you; those feeling wired or agitated may find calming meditation more relevant, whilst others who may be experiencing depression or feeling 'spaced out' a dynamic yoga class to energise the nervous system may be preferable. 

When we feel overwhlemed we can find it hard to focus on anything. At times like this progessive relaxation can be beneficial. By implementing a technique that includes focusing on and conciously relaxing parts of your body, inner tension can be released, helping to lessen feelings of stress. Try this simple routine now:

Toe Tensing:

1. Lie on your back and close your eyes.

2. Focus your attention on your toes.

3. Flex all ten toes towards your head, hold and slowly count to ten.

4. Release your toes so they relax and slowly count to ten again.

5. Repeat the flex and release cycle ten more times.

For more information on these types of exercises find a CD of progressive relaxation exercises. 

Apps to help with stress:

Many phones now come with the option to purchase 'Apps'. Amongst the many on offer there are some good calming and relaxation ones available, for example, 'Take a Break!', 'Mindful' and 'Healthline'. 

Suggested support and further information:

- The Good Samaritans

- Contact your GP for local services