Food for the Brain issues monthly newsletters to e-subscribers. These include opinion pieces on hot topics and a research round-up of new studies associated with optimum nutrition and mental health.  They also include updates on the Food for the Brain research projects and any upcoming events.

Listed below are the monthly issues, including the opinion piece and a brief outline of additional topics covered.  You can sign up here to receive the full newsletter by email each month.

June 2018

ADHD; Dietary And Lifestyle Approaches To Help Manage Symptoms

April 2018

Food Intolerance, the Gut - Brain Axis and Mental Health

March 2018

Pre and Post Natal Depression; Nutritional Approaches

October 2015

What is the link between nutrition and depression? Hear from  expert Deborah Colson

September 2015

5 stress-free steps everyone should take to help prevent  Alzheimer's

July 2015

Two Foods That May Sabotage Your Brain

June 2015

Help improve your child's learning, behaviour and growth

April 2015

Omega-3 and B vitamins arrest Alzheimer’s brain shrinkage

March 2015

Feeling stressed? Learn how to minimise your stress levels

February 2015

5 ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease 

January 2015

Test to spot Alzheimer's - front page news!

December 2014

Science, Lies and B vitamins: we set the record straight on B Vitamins and their role in Alzheimer's prevention

October 2014

How Collette beat the blues and balanced mood swings