food for the brain

Championing optimum nutrition for the mind

What the children and parents say

Many individual children enjoyed and reported benefit from the Food for the Brain Project.

'It's been fun. I like doing the SAQ exercises'

'It's making me eat healthier food, I like taking vitamins';

'We've changed our diet at home and eat more vegetables';

'I like adding seeds to food like yoghurt'.

Jamil, age 7, was easily distracted, hyperactive and had difficulty concentrating. He suffered from asthma, colds, coughs and sore throats a lot of the time. He was also a fussy eater. Jamil was tested using York Test’s food intolerance test which found he was intolerant to milk. Now, all that has changed. “His behaviour is definitely better. He’s calmer and less defiant and doing better at school. His constant headaches, earaches, colds and coughs have gone.” says his mother Claire “He’s eating better and open to trying new foods. I think avoiding his allergy foods has made a real difference.”

Harry, age 8, found it difficult to interact with his peers and was shy. He lacked confidence and had some learning difficulties. According to his mother Joan he’s now more confident, less anxious, getting on well at school and with his peers. “He’s doing really well. His writing is coming on, his reading is improving and he’s much calmer. He no longer has frequent colds and earaches. The youth club leader said he’s a different child – the best he’s ever been. I’m very pleased.”

Brother and sister Joshua, age 7, and Abbie, age 11, were both struggling at school. Abbie’s concentration was her weakest area. She also had a very sweet tooth and resisted any improvement in diet and had stomach aches every week. They were both found to have a number of food intolerances and reduced their exposure to intolerant foods. According to her mother Claire “Her concentration is much better, she’s improved her diet and no longer has weekly belly aches. She’s more confident.” Joshua was struggling with reading at school and badly behaved at home. He also didn’t sleep well. “He’s sleeping fine now. He’s concentrating better and now enjoys reading.” Said his mother.

Tommy, age 7, had trouble sitting still, listening and following instructions and had frequent temper tantrums. His mum, Katy, says that the whole family has benefited from the Food for the Brain Schools Project. “We are all eating more healthily and our home has a distinctly calmer feel to it. It’s a happier place to live”. Tommy’s reading and writing have come on “leaps and bounds” and both he and his 11 year old brother have improved concentration and energy levels.

Shaun, age 7, had difficulty sitting still and wasn’t making good progress at school. Now his attention and abilities at school have improved significantly. “He has gone up 4 or 5 reading levels in just 4 months and has had an amazing improvement in his maths", says his mum Dani. “His interest in learning has rocketed. Shaun is now happy to sit and read at home which he wouldn’t before and also enjoys playing games with the family now whereas in the past he would get frustrated, chuck it in and stomp off. Because Shaun is able to sit and focus for longer periods, we’re able to enjoy family outings and activities more than we previously would. We went to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang a couple of weeks ago and Shaun sat through and enjoyed the entire show which would never happened before.”