food for the brain

Championing optimum nutrition for the mind

SAQ Training System


The Food for the Brain Schools Project recognises that together with optimal nutrition, regular physical activity has a significant effect on learning, behaviour and mental health. The innovative SAQ® Training system, developed for teachers and parents by experts from education and health & fitness has been chosen as the official Food for the Brain physical activity solution.

Teachers at all Food for the Brain schools attended a special, nationally recognised SAQ® Award that equipped them with the skills needed to improve movement ability during PE lessons, lunchtimes, before school and after-school clubs. Improving the quality of movement in all directions, including the speed and control of that movement can be achieved through regular use of a structured movement programme.

The SAQ® structured movement programme has been shown by NHS led research to develop the physical skills and concentration of all children, including those with special or moderate learning difficulties.

With special workshops and help from teachers, parents have joined in too using SAQ® at home. The system has given them a flexible, adaptive and easy to use tool guaranteed to get everybody active, regardless of experience or ability.

SAQ® Solutions for schools, parents and the wider community offer:

  • An easy to apply programme to help children develop movement competence and improved physical activity.
  • Better all-round physical and mental performance to improve access to other physical activities and other life opportunities.
  • Activities that overcome a range of physical and cultural barriers.
  • Positive experiences, which improve the likelihood of exercise habits being maintained in everyday life.
  • Flexibility to work in groups of all sizes or with partners.
  • Choice of programmes and sessions that fit into daily routines.
  • Better quality of life (e.g. ability to concentrate, be organised and cope with stress).
  • Imcreased physical and mental well-being and self-confidence to improve learning ability.
  • To find out more information about SAQ® please visit www.saqinternational.com, or telephone 01664 810 101.